About Us

Mandy is the principal consultant at Thrive Life Consulting and also the developer of the THRIVE CODE and related programs, products, and services.

As your  Mentor and Coach, she assists you to move through life challenges and transitions. Her specialties relate to issues she has personally navigated and/or found to be common for clients.

Along with a high level of training, skills and knowledge, Mandy brings compassion and understanding, injected with occasional humor to ease the change process.

Raised in a small rural community on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Mandy was supported by an encouraging, friendly family and community with an inclusive “we can do this together” approach to life and learned the value of community and connection.

Mandy has worked in the fields of community development, public policy, law reform, community development and vocational and life skill education. In more recent years she has been focusing on her primary love: research, development and delivery of programs which foster happiness and thriving for all.  

Identifying as an Extraverted Highly Sensitive Person, Mandy is empathic, intuitive and enjoys interacting with people at a deeper level and seeing them grow in confidence, happiness and fulfillment.

Mandy is passionate about personal and community development and fostering THRIVING.

  • Bachelor of Law 
  • Master of Science in Public Policy and Management 
  • Graduate Diploma In Community Welfare (Counselling)
  • Graduate Diploma and Counselling and Psychotherapy 
  • Diploma in Community Service Management 
  • Diploma in Coaching 
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
  • Certificate 4 Training and Assessment 
  • Certificate 4 Work Health Safety 
  • NLP Certification
  • Practitioner Psych K
  • Reiki 1 and 2
  • International Coaching Federation 
  • International Institute for Complementary Therapies

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