How to stop negative thoughts ruining your day and life

Every day we are called to face new situations which may challenge us. 

For many of us if the day started badly we may lose our motivation and confidence and delaying indefinitely the creation of the life we yearn for.

Instead of allowing our thoughts and emotions to destroy our day (or week or life) it is important to take steps to quieten any inner negative voices so that we can regain our equilibrium, motivation, and self-confidence.

A number of techniques help me to release my negativity however a particular

favourite is one I learned from Emily from The Guidance Girl  who in turn adapted the process from Donald Altman’s The Mindfulness Toolbox. 

I utilise this approach in my own life with considerable success as well as teaching the technique to my groups, clients, family, and friends. 

The G.L.A.D. technique helps to keep focused on the positives and on what's going right, rather than what’s gone wrong or not according to plan. 

The technique has a lot in common with other approaches I have learned over the years, however, I like its simplicity - and the acronym makes it easier for me to remember.

G - Gratitude - so many studies are showing the correlation between gratitude and increased levels of happiness, well-being, and success.

L - Learning - look back on what I have learned through the day, it can be a skill, or it may be greater self-awareness. Keeping learning in mind during the day will keep us more curious and open to new experiences and growth.

A - Accomplishment -  this may be related to learning a new skill or moving forward on a project, or reaching out to make a connection with someone. It may be as simple as integrating more self-care into my day, for example for me it is still an achievement to stop researching and writing and be settled in bed by 11 pm!

D - Delight  Reflect upon what brought a smile to your face, maybe even laughter or joy to the point of tears. Reflect on all the pleasant things you have seen, heard, smelt and felt throughout your day. 

This is also a very useful preventative practice for keeping ourselves in a more positive space, so don’t reserve it only for when life is throwing curve balls your way!

 Knowing that you will be reflecting on what you are GLAD about at the end of each day, helps us both be more mindful in the moment, rather than worrying about the past or future and also to recognize positives which may have otherwise been overlooked.

So what are you GLAD about today?


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