How to Manifest your desired Future Self

Optimism as an important aspect of Thriving and one of the reasons I included it when developing the Thrive Code.

The benefits of positivity or optimism have been researched in the growing field of Positive Psychology- an evidence-based approach to helping people move from struggling or getting by to flourishing (or thriving) in life.

Laura King, a professor at the University of Missouri, Columbia, designed and tested an optimism intervention.

She asked the participants to come to her laboratory for four consecutive days.

Upon attending participants were asked to spend twenty minutes writing a narrative description of their “best possible future selves”. Contemplating their best possible future in all areas of their lives.

This intervention involves imagining your most important goals, picturing life after the had been accomplished, with as much detail as possible.

Professor King found that participants who  persevered and wrote about their visions for twenty minutes, four days in a row:

  • Had immediate increases in positive moods,
  • Were happier several weeks later,
  • Reported being sick less often than participants who were asked to write about other topics.

This is an approach I have reintroduced into my life. That is reflecting about my most goals, for the different areas of my life: professional, social, romantic, physical, financial etc. I then reflect upon

    • What I would be doing?
  • Where I would be living?
  • Who would I be spending time with?
  • How would my days look like?
  • How would I feel?
  • How I would be spending my relaxation time etc

Perhaps you would like to experiment with this activity also and notice whether you become happier and healthier  and also whether you have "ordered your life" so that you are able to step into this visualized future self in reality

Adapted from Positive Psychology Program

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