Over the last 2 years, we have created and delivered sessions on following elements of  the


Time and Energy- wise usage to reduce stress and burnout and to improve life quality.

Happiness Habits- for greater success and fulfillment

Relationships- better quality relationships with self, others and the world.

Inner coach vs Inner critic- improving self-talk and inner strength and wisdom.

Vitality- optimizing  physical, emotional and mental health

Emotional Mastery- understanding, and managing emotions and increasing EQ

We are currently exploring options to deliver sessions, whereby people who do not live in Adelaide - (or  Australia) can participate.

If you are interested in attending future face to face or online events and/or  receiving "TLC Tips", we would love you to sign up for the TLC Community Newsletter  ( insert link)


Upcoming EVENTS focusing on specialties of Thrive Life Consulting include:

  • Maintaining  balance and building resilience in a chaotic world
  • Confidence for Kind people - and dealing with "Difficult People"
  • Midlife Mastery 
  • Rebuilding after separation and loss


If you would like to move forward with one of these issues, CONTACT me for a FREE 30 minute, phone, zoom or skype session, where we can explore some of the issues you are facing and ascertain whether we are a good fit to work together either in a 1:1 or group coaching session.

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