Do you feel STUCK and/or STRESSED and want more out of life?

It doesn't have to be this way...

Thrive Life Consulting has developed programs to help people move forward and THRIVE.

Thrive Life Consulting keeps abreast of the latest research and evidence-based findings in fields such as positive psychology and neuroscience and is responsive to community trends and the individual needs of clients.

Mandy Lyons of Thrive Life Consulting has developed the THRIVE CODE with related assessment tools, programs and services, bringing together the most up to date and tried and tested approaches to improve levels of confidence, happiness and the ability to THRIVE.

These are some of the aspects the  Thrive Code focuses on to improve the quality of your life:

Time and Energy- wise usage to reduce stress and burnout and to improve life quality.

Happiness Habits- for greater success and fulfillment

Relationships-  quality relationships with self, others and the world.

Inner coach vs Inner critic- improving self-talk and inner strength and wisdom.

Vitality- optimizing  physical, emotional and mental health

Emotional Mastery- understanding, and managing emotions and increasing EQ

Specialist Programs derived from the THRIVE CODE include:

  • Maintaining  balance and living resiliently in a chaotic world
  • Confidence for kind people and dealing with "difficult people"
  • Midlife Mastery for Gen X Men 
  • Rebuilding after separation and loss


If you would like to move forward with one off these issues, CONTACT me for a FREE 30 minute, phone, zoom or skype session, where we can explore some of the issues you are facing and ascertain whether we are a good fit to work together.